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State Of Tennessee Recorder Certification

Municipal Clerk and Recorders Certification and Continuing Education Application

State of Tennessee certification and required continuing education for certain Municipal Clerks. You may contact us by telephone at (615) 741-0536 or by email at TNSOS.ATS@tn.gov.

Certified Municipal Clerk Program (CMC)

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The Certified Municipal Clerk program is designed to enhance the job performance of the Clerk in small and large municipalities. To earn the CMC designation, a Municipal Clerk must attend extensive education programs. The CMC designation also requires pertinent experience in a municipality. The CMC program prepares the applicants to meet the challenges of the complex role of the Municipal Clerk by providing them with quality education in partnership with institutions of higher learning, as well as State / Provincial / National Associations. The CMC program has been assisting clerks to excel since 1970.

Master Municipal Clerk Program (MMC)

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The MMC program is the second and more advanced of the two professional designations granted by IIMC.  The MMC program is an advanced continuing education program that prepares participants to perform complex municipal duties. The program has an extensive and rigorous educational component and a professional contribution component.  The MMC applicant must demonstrate that they have actively pursued education and professional activities.


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 President Info:
 Will Johnson, City Recorder Angie Marshall
 City of Knoxville City of Kingsport
 PO Box 1631 225 W Center St
 Knoxville, TN 37901 Kingsport, TN 37660
 Phone: (865) 215-2044 Phone: (423) 229-4459 ext. 104
 Email: wjohnson@knoxvilletn.gov

 Email: angiemarshall@kingsporttn.gov









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