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TAMCAR Scholarship Information & Application

    Scholarship Application, Deadline is April 6, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. EDT.

  • Scholarships will be made available to each Certified Municipal Clerk Institute and each Academy for Advanced Education sponsored by TAMCAR. 

  • The amount of scholarship funding needed for each Institute and Academy will be determined by the President, the Treasurer and the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, taking into consideration the existing balance in the scholarship fund and the number of applicants and amount requested for scholarship assistance. Allocations to the scholarship funds must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

  • Scholarships may be awarded to any TAMCAR member.

  • In recognition of the fact that most fees for TAMCAR programs are paid by the participant's employer, scholarships are intended to allow persons to attend Institute and Academy programs in cases where the employer's funding limitations or policies might otherwise prevent participation.

  • Information on the availability of scholarships will be made available periodically to all Tennessee municipal clerks and recorders. Membership in TAMCAR will be promoted to clerks and recorders who are not currently members. Applications will be made available by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson upon request and will also be distributed to Municipal Technical Advisory Service consultants who may be aware of potential recipients. 

  • Applicants for scholarships must submit a scholarship application. The application must be accompanied by a letter from the Mayor, Council, or Manager of the applicant's municipality supporting the applicant's attendance at the program; stating that in the event a scholarship is awarded, administrative or annual leave will be given for attendance at the program; and verifying the proportion or amount of the total costs of the program, including lodging, that the municipality is likely to fund, or alternately, the financial inability of the city to fund any of these costs. 

  • Applications for scholarships will be considered if they are received by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson at least one month prior to the program for which scholarship funding is requested.

  • Decisions on scholarship applications will be reached by the Scholarship Committee, in consultation with the President.

  • Scholarship assistance may be granted for program registration fees and hotel accommodations only. Scholarship funding may not be used for meals, transportation or other expenses. 

  • Each recipient of scholarship assistance must send documentation of his or her expenses to the TAMCAR Treasurer and must refund any unused scholarship funds. Recipients who fail to do so will be ineligible for future scholarship funding. 

  • A scholarship recipient will again be eligible for scholarship assistance after a waiting period of one year.



 Treasurer Info:

 President Info:
 Beth Hickman, City Clerk Valerie Hale, City Clerk
 City of Oak Ridge City of Crossville
 PO Box 1 392 N Main St
 Oak Ridge, TN 37831 Crossville, TN 38555
 Phone: (865) 425-3411 Phone: (931) 456-5680
 Email: bhickman@oakridgetn.gov

 Email: valerie.hale@crossvilletn.gov









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